Building Use Policy

Purpose Statement

The building of Trinity Presbyterian Church of Aledo (TPCA), a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America, is to be used and respected as a house of prayer for the church of Christ to the glory of God. All activities should be completed in a manner that is honoring to Jesus, beneficial to the participants, and with regard for the members of TPCA as it is the property of the local congregation to use as stewards.


Eligible Priority and Parties

Priority of Building Use:

Regular weekly worship and fellowship of the members and friends of TPCA is the highest and most regular use of the property. Following the regular weekly worship services, the priority of building use is:

  1. Special worship services (Funerals, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, & other Christian holidays)
  2. Church Meetings
  3. Marriage Worship Services
  4. Christian Events
  5. Ceremonies & Anniversaries
  6. Parties & Events of the benefit of TPCA members and direct friends of members

Parties which are encouraged to use our facilities are members of TPCA, friends of TPCA members and other members of Jesus’ church on earth, and local non-profits will be able to use the building with Session approval.

All events must be hosted by a communicant member of TPCA. No exceptions are made.

Events with about 25 people are considered small events. If more than 25 people will be in attendance, it is considered a large event.


Reservation Protocol

The following pertains to all events, except Weddings. Trinity has a separate Wedding Policy with its own guidelines that covers weddings only. (Our Wedding Policy covers who may be married at TPCA, counseling guidelines, dates/times, decorations, photography, & music, cost schedule, and other items.) Please call TPCA for the complete Wedding Policy.

All events on the TPCA property are to have a responsible communicant member of Trinity as the host. This member may by the event planner him/herself or the host of a member-friend who is the event planner. In all cases, the member who signs the Use Policy is the responsible party for that event.

In order to use the facilities, the member and a deacon of Trinity must sign the use agreement. As required, the non-member event planner is required to also sign the Use Agreement. You may pick-up a Use Agreement from the church office. Please plan as far ahead of time as possible in order to secure your dates. Dates are reserved on a first come, first served basis.

A $100.00 deposit is required for all events. All deposits are required 2 weeks before the event. Deposits will be returned after the event if no damages have occurred. The key to the building will be provided 3 days before the event after the deposit has been made. The key must be returned within 72 hours of the end of the event.


General Use Guidelines

  1. The use of the sanctuary is to be used almost exclusively as a place of corporate worship of Jesus Christ. As such great care is to be paid to the cleanliness and reverent use of the space. No food or drink is ever to be taken into the sanctuary.
  2. Church Property is expected to be left as it was at the start of the event. The responsible member for the event is to ensure the building is returned to is starting order. Any damages to the building during an event that are not covered by the damage deposit will be required by the responsible member.
  3. The member or member-host signing the Use Agreement must attend the event.
  4. Use of nursery is permitted with adult supervision.
  5. Use of kitchen is for simple food and drink preparation and cleaning of other items used during the event.
  6. Fire-arms, alcohol, and controlled substances are not permitted on TPCA property.
  7. TPCA is a smoke-free facility. No smoking is allowed in the building.
  8. Decorations are permitted as long as they are not taped or mounted to the wall.
  9. Events for the purpose of selling goods or services are not allowed.
  10. TPCA is not set up for use of the building overnight.
  11. Certified service animals are welcome in the building.
  12. Temporary signs are allowed in the grassy areas adjacent to the church, but not along the road frontage.
  13. TPCA is not responsible for any items left after an event. All items brought in to the building are expected to be removed at the end of the event.


Insurance Policy

     Proof of insurance may be required for certain events.


*A complete printed copy of the Building Use Policy will be made available upon request.