In-Person Worship Announcement

We realize that some may not yet be comfortable attending larger corporate in-person gatherings and may choose to remain at home on Sundays.  Our Facebook live-stream will continue on Sundays at 10:30 AM even as we are also gathered for worship in the sanctuary.

There are several things that we’d like you to know ahead of arriving on Sundays:

  • Those with weakened/compromised physical health or who are sick, should stay home and participate in worship via the live-stream service of worship on Facebook.
  • We strongly encourage wearing masks for the benefit of others, for the time being.
  • Physical distance suggestions (6 feet) will mean that about 85 seats will be available in the sanctuary for worship. Every other pew will be open; an empty pew will remain open between rows with worshipers occupying them.
  • We will enjoy congregational singing. Wearing a mask is encouraged.
  • We ask that you take bulletins/papers out of the building with you as you depart.
  • There will be no passing of offering plates during the Offertory. They will be located on a table near the sanctuary entrance for you to place your contributions.
  • Please feel free to congregate outside of the building, maintaining physical distance.
  • Please feel free to use sanitizer, which is located multiple places around the building.
  • As needed, please wash your hands at least 20 seconds with soap.
  • We won’t have fellowship meals or refreshments after worship yet.

Thank you for following these guidelines,
Elders and Deacons of Trinity Church