Pregnancy Resources Update

“The rapid spread of COVID-19 has profoundly impacted many of our most vulnerable clients.  The pressure to abort is more intense.  Access to employment and help is more limited.  The need for the life-affirming resources that Pregnancy Resources provides grows by the day. We desire to present calm in the face of chaos and help them find peace.  We entirely rely on Jesus and know He walks with us.

Our leadership and staff were proactive in battling fear and COVID-19.  The team immediately started calling our parents in classes and patients who were pregnant and due in the next 90 days with an invitation for them to pick up a baby shower in a bag.

Many of the parents could not find these items after people went through the stores.  With the uncertainty that will remain once things reopen, we expect to give more away and have prepared all the baby bags we have supplies for at this time.  We will continue to provide diapers in emergency packs for as long as we have supplies.”

-Pregnancy Resources, Quad Cities

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